What to expect

Step 1

We meet. We discuss you! Your history of health and fitness, any medical issues you have had, your desires and aims for the future, what you are looking to get out of your time with SG Fitness and the best way this will be achieved.

Step 2

Fitness assessment. We analyse your physical state to gain a base rate from which your improvements will be measured.

Step 3

Forming your program. We discuss your aims, goals, requirements, lifestyle and work together in forming a program that is beneficial, achievable and most importantly DESIGNED BY YOU.

Step 4

Training. We will assist you with your training, ensuring technical advice and motivation throughout your entire journey.

Step 5

YOU REACH YOUR GOALS. We will complete your program with another fitness test exactly the same as in your initial assessment however this time to quantify your improvements.

Step 6

Review. We will discuss your journey thus far, how you feel you have progressed and where you would like to go from here - either on your own or continuing training with us until you feel completely happy to try alone/with your training partner.