Beverley Rodgers, 43, Basingstoke.

Accomplishments: Current English, British & Commonwealth Record Holder in the Bench Press U63kg, M1, Powerlifting national champion, Powerlifting regional team member, . British Bench Press Champion. World Bronze medallist in Bench Press. National Champion in 2014.

I feel I have benefitted massively from training with an experienced International powerlifter, someone who truly understands the sport and the ups & downs that can come with it. Charlie has also been great at managing my expectations as we have worked through big changes in my technique and I am confident that there are big things to come. Charlie's passion for the sport is second to none and is totally contagious!

I would recommend for anyone interested in competing in Strength sports - Charlie's commitment to her own learning and development to further benefit herself and her clients is hugely commendable.

Amelia Buckland-Hurry, 21, Swindon

Accomplishments: Premiership Rugby, Bristol Ladies

I started with SGF when I was 18. I was playing rugby at a reasonable standard, and training a little- running and rugby training. I met Charlie at Supermarine, she was running some circuit sessions at the rugby club in the summer. From there I had my first few sessions and I genuinely fell in love with Charlie's enthusiasm and what she is about. I loved learning to lift, I loved the beginners gains even more. What was so beneficial to me is that we worked to my strengths, and the environment was so feel good and positive. What I really loved was the quantitative nature of weight lifting, you are really able to see how much you are progressing. SGF helped me with my technique, overall strength and power, but most of all my attitude to training, the way I could structure my programme and nutritional advice. How to change things so I kept being re engaged and motivated. SGF helped me massively in taking the step from South West 1 rugby, to Championship and then to Premiership.

The environment SGF creates is one where you can really grow, Charlie helps you feel at ease. I was always afraid of trying new styles of training or new weights, but SGF lets you know that your not pushing yourself unless you fail- its how you get better. Charlie even picks you up and drives you home if you go flying off a box jump, or mops you up when you split your hand on a snatch pull.

I would recommend SGF to any family member or friend. Even if they were not interested in athlete status, they can gain life skills and confidence from SGF.

Anna Reed, 28, Student, Shrivenham

Accomplishments: First powerlifting competition in December 2014, improved mobility.

My confidence has skyrocketed since training with SGF. Due to an old injury, for many years I had serious mobility limitations that left me ashamed and reluctant to train certain movements. I was told by physiotherapists and professional coaches from all backgrounds that it would be unlikely I would ever be able to squat to proper depth- a must for anyone looking to compete in the sport of powerlifting. With patience and careful planning, I found myself three months later competing at my first powerlifting competition with pride.

Charlie’s enthusiasm for a challenge is infectious- She left no stone unturned in coming up with ways to improve my mobility and strength. Her belief in her clients is enormous, and was key to me getting to where I am now.

I would recommend SGF to friends and family of all ages, experience and goals they would like to achieve. Training with SGF was a turning point for me in my life both physically and mentally.

Dawn Morrell, World Record breaker and Champion, Devizes, Wiltshire.

I started Powerlifting when after 2 years of general strength training I wanted to progress further. I have been training with Charlie for 5 months now and not only has she motivated me when I’ve doubted myself but has always encouraged me to achieve more.

My goals have been realistic and Charlie is always honest with me even if it isn’t what I want to hear. I have now managed to break 6 British Records and have won the English Open Powerlifting Championships; I would never have been able to achieve this without Charlie’s help. I’m now preparing for the British Championships and hope to break both European and World records for my weight and age categories. Charlie will always go the extra mile and is committed to helping me achieve success, I would highly recommend her.

Ryan, age 15, Corsham Rugby Club, Dorset and Wiltshire county team, Bath academy.

I'm so glad my mum and dad gave me the support and encouragement I needed to up my training and continue to gain and achieve my goals.

I've been training with Charlie for the whole of the summer and the difference in my strength has been amazing. This has also given me more confidence to face the selections trials I now need to attend to achieve my goal in keeping my place at the bath academy of rugby and trialing for a place in the England camp if selected.

Charlie has been a great help with showing me the right technique and helping me to realize I need to work all areas of my body and not just one or two. She has been there when I’ve needed her, and gives me the right amount of encouragement and explains things again if I need her to.

I am now eating the right foods with the right amounts of proteins and carbs that helps my body in coping with the training that I do. Training hard in the right areas, and achieving the right results slowly and not growing to much too quickly, has given me the confidence I need to continue with my progress to be the best I can.

Caroline Saunders, Swindon, Wiltshire.

I've really enjoyed my time training with Charlie so far; every session is different and always includes new exercises to challenge me. I love the fact that no two sessions are the same!. Charlie has helped me significantly improve my fitness and strength and is currently helping me work towards a new goal. I know I will achieve this with her support with the training. Charlie has written a training plan so I can work towards this challenge on my own too

Josie Meredith, Swindon, Wiltshire.

Fitness sessions with Charlie Shotton-Gale of SG Fitness are enjoyable and she is very motivational. She pushes me hard but not to the point where I want to give up. Her enthusiasm during every session drives me to achieve my potential and I feel like I don't want to fail her.

She makes regular contact with me about my next session and is very flexible with the times and days she can fit me in. She sends frequent emails about fitness tips & nutritional advice and does extra research based on my specific needs and wants, and sends this information out to me

She is friendly but professional at the same time. Highly recommended

Andy Mitchell - 25, Teacher. Swindon, Wiltshire.

Charlie is full of knowledge and helped to support me make manageable changes in my diet and exercise routine.

Since training with Charlie I have noticed an increase in strength and stamina and loss in weight. I would definitely recommend training with Charlie, she is incredibly hard working and knows exactly what you need become fitter/stronger/thinner.

Karl Marillier, former Royal Marine Recruite. Swindon, Wiltshire.

I have always been a very sporty,active person. In 2008 I joined the Royal Marines, but unfortunatly I had an accident where by I dislocated my left hip and broke my back and this led to me being medically discharged.

The doctors told me that I would never be able run again and I would need assistance to walk.

I am now fully fit again and squatting in excess of 130KGs and deadlifting in excess of 130KGs.

I do two circuit classes a week with circs du smiles and they are amazing.

All this would not have been possible without the help of Charlie and SG fitness, her knowledge in strength training and fitness training is second to none.

Marc Waterman, Devizes, Wiltshire.

Training with Charlie is more than moving weights around, its about understanding your body, your mind and your true ambition to acheive your goals.

I was beasted in a very friendly, supportive and encouraging way. I now have a much better understanding of my body and what it can achieve.

More importantly for me personally was Charlies ability to see past my own limiting self belief and guide me through positive actions to achieve more than I thought possible.

Deborah Boyd, British Army.

I began training with Charlie about 1 year ago. I have found the training highly beneficial and it perfectly complements my career in the Army.

Charlie has helped me work at strength and conditioning and is an experienced and efficient coach, offering advice and tips when needed and pushing me to improve all the time.

It is fantastic to train with someone at a World level of competition, undoubtedly reached by the high levels of enthusiasm and dedication Charlie brings to training.

James S, Wiltshire.

Charlie taught me to do squats and dead lifts safely and gave me the confidence to really lift heavy weights. I can lift over twice what I could when I started with Charlie and I am progressing well - highly recommended.

Wesley Chambers, London.

SG - fitness is more than just a one size fits all service, with Charlie you get the tailor made training and advice you need.

While serving in the Royal Signals I became injured through corps sports. I desperately need a sport that I could play while having physiotherapy for my overused tibialis posterior (leg muscle).

After much research I decided powerlifting was something I could throw myself into. I found out about Charlie Shotton Gale through various online articles & her website.

My Goal: to get quality strength & condition training.

My result: my GBPF membership & debut powerlifting completion.

Proof that SG fitness will help you surpass you required targets!

The ongoing support & cost effective financial options, coupled with a first rate skill set & knowledgeable background, make SG fitness the right choice whatever your personal training needs.

Zoe Hughes, Swindon.

Since starting my fitness plan with Charlie I am alot more confident in myself and my body... Still got work to do but Charlie is always there for me to ask questions, advice and support. So glad I took the step to ask for help in getting the body that I want.

Our LinkedIn Testimonials

Rebecca Wood, London.

“Fantastic trainer to work with even when your at distance, has given me orientation towards what Im missing out in my diet, where I can improve and how I can improve.

Also knows when to inspire you on those gloomy days of life where one doesnt want to train but has to. Really enjoyed getting Charlie's insite into my daily life and how I could improve on fitness, diet and manage my hours better so I could train what I wanted. Thumbs up !”

November 1, 2011. Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Good Value"

Liam Farbrace, Rugby Player, Swindon.

“Charlie, spent some time working on my technique and providing simple but invaluable advice, that i was able to implement to gain better results.

Having spent time with Charlie her knowledge on the specific areas i needed focus on and her experience enhanced my motivation. From working with Charlie I am looking forward to a more successful season with my Rugby club and hoping that the results i've achieved through Charlie's help will transfer to the pitch.”

August 18, 2011. Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity"

Chris Keeley, Section Head - Sterile Liquids, Patheon Inc.

“I know Charlie through Supermarine Ladies rugby team where she provided assistance and feedback with the fitness training for members of the squad with particular requirements e.g returning from injury, new to the sport etc.

Edward Savin

hired Charlie as a Personal Trainer in 2012

“I met with Charlie and she gave terrific advice, I would reccomend her to anyone who needs a personal trainer. I hope to be able to work with her in the future.” October 10, 2012

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Richard Wintle, Partner / Photographer / video cameraman / editor / Sportswindon.com, Calyx TV /Picture Agency

“Charlie is dedicated and determined to succeed in both her powerlifting and charity work. A delight to work with. Good luck Charlie.” October 10, 2012

Sam Smyth

“I could have ticked all the boxes. She knows her stuff and is always effervescent and lively when delivering” October 10, 2012

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value

hired Charlie as a Personal Trainer in 2012, and hired Charlie more than once