Strength Training

Our strength training offers a service that introduces and assists you through the world of healthy living, goal orientated training and lifestyle management so that you learn how to live the life you want but in a respectful way to your body and mind. We will coach you through all aspects of health and fitness so that you learn how to create your own training regimes, how to make healthy food choices, how to help your body form the way you want it to and perform the way it needs to.

Our aim is to empower you through knowledge, ability and encouragement so that you walk away a new person. Aiming to change you for life, not just your year.

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Powerlifting Training

With an extensive history in Powerlifting and Strength training, one of our leading Trainers, GB Juniors Head Coach and International Powerlifter Charlie Shotton-Gale, Based in the South West of England, will guide you through the technicalities of the Powerlifting exercises, training regimes and diet.

Charlie, who is reigning British Champion, Record holder and ranked in the top 10 strongest women in the world (across all federations), will teach you technical aspects of the Squat, Bench press and Deadlift. An indepth knowledge and experience of the sport allows her to advise you on all areas of the strength training and nutrition to develop you as a Powerlifter.

Current Powerlifting training includes:

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Sports Team Strength and Conditioning

As a member of the UK Strength and Conditioning Association, and working towards a Masters Degree in Strength and Conditioning, coupled with an extensive history in Powerlifting and weightlifting, SG Fitness is highly qualified to offer sports teams and individual athletes the opportunity to improve via strength and condition programs tailored to their sport.

Every sport benefits from stronger, more athletic participants, and we aim to ensure your team maximise their physical potential to match their sporting ability.

Each team is analysed and programs designed for them to do with team training sessions and individually. We work with players to assist them in developing their programs, understanding the structure of their training and how they can push themselves to achieve their goals.

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Strength Trainng for Women

It can be very daunting walking in to a 'muscle' gym asking an enormous 6'3 20st man if he could help you with your weight training and improve your strength. Which is why SG Fitness offers easy to follow, simple but effective strength training for women that is not about piling on the weight and 'going for that 1 rep max', but rather it is about improving or adjusting your body strength to enhance your lifestyle and give you confidence in your ability.

Many women have discussed with us how their confidence and self-belief has grown once they found they were stronger and able to use their body in ways unfamiliar to them.

If you feel weak, slow, 'floppy' or know there are areas of your body's strength that needs improving, talk to us to see how we can help you.

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Nutrition and Diet plans

For those of you that are happy with their lifestyle and need some direction on how to eat healthily and choose the right foods, we create tailored nutrition plans that explain to you the different food groups, how much of each the body needs, why you need these and good resources for these foods.

We will analyse your diet at present and indicate what areas could be altered/improved whilst also remembering that it is your life, and you have to enjoy it. We aim to provide you with a nutrition plan that is healthy and achievable.

We can assist you personally, for example if you live within or around the Swindon or Wiltshire area (face to face), or interactively via the internet

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Nutrition support for the Elderly

In association with Princess Homecare Homemade Meals Service, SG Fitness has developed a menu specifically designed for those receiving Care at home, which focuses on Healthy living with a traditional Homemade basis.

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