Swindon Barbell Club at the South West Classic Powerlifting championships.

Saturday 30th may saw Swindon Barbell Club take 3 of it’s members to the South West Classic Powerlifting Championships in Bournemouth.

First up was Jodie Driver, new to competitive Powerlifting having not even completed a year in the sport to date.

Jodie has been working very hard on altering her squat technique and this showed by an impressive 2.5k PB on her second attempt with 110k followed by an attempt at 115k on her third and, although she did squat it, she was failed as she did not squat deep enough for the ref’s on the day.

Moving on to her bench and Jodie has had a varied training experience leading up to this competition however her bench was looking so good in warm up the opener was upped by 2.5k to 52.5k which was no trouble.  Jodie was pushed to go for a PB by 2.5k on her second attempt straight to 57.5k and was successful.  The only way to go from there was 60k which Jodie was not expecting to do and was not ready for, so did not manage to press it off her chest.

The deadlift was always going to be the big lift for her today as it is one of her favourite lifts and she has been very happy with her training recently.  Jodie’s opener of 135k was so easy her second attempt was upped to 142.5k which she, again, completed easily.  Her coach decided to push Jodie and put in 150k, a 5k PB, which Jodie pulled successfully for a 15k PB on her total.

Beverley, also a recent member of the Barbell Club and a competitive Powerlifter for only 2 years has been working equally as hard as Jodie on developing her squat, which was demonstrated on how easily she completed all 3 squats finishing with a 115k squat, a 2.5k PB, that could easily have been so much more.

Beverley is the current British Masters 1 bench record holder and was hoping to break her PB today.  Although she couldn’t break her own record as it was a regional championship, Beverley experienced a bad case of influenza recently that saw her out of training for 2 weeks so she was very nervous what could bring today.  After achieving both opener and second attempt very well Beverley went for 82.5k on her third, although it was a slow lift, she got it and was over the moon.

Beverley’s deadlift has always been her nemesis, however with some gentle urging from Husband Duncan and words on encouragement from her coach, she went for an equal PB on the third attempt of 140k giving her a 5k PB on her total.  A fantastic result for a spotty lead up to the competition.

Iszy entered this competition nervous through a couple of small niggles recently and this showed by missing her first 2 squats.  However, after listening to her coach shouting as her completed her last attempt and having the heart to pull herself through she managed to get a successful attempt.

Iszy’s confidence was knocked slightly for the bench, although she managed to get a 2.5k PB of 47.5k she was disappointed to miss the 50k.  One thing to aim for in the future.

However, Iszy really shone in her deadlift opening with an easy 120k and moving on to an equally suitable 130k.  This gave her a total of 267.5k, only 12.5k off the British qualifying total of 280k.  After some encouraging words from her coach she stepped up to 142.5k deadlift, more then she has ever encountered before, and pulled it so well her team, family, friends and fellow lifters were cheering with excitement at her achievement.

In total, Jodie increased her PB by 15k, Beverley by 5k and Iszy by 25k.  Fantastic numbers from 3 great women.

Next competition for Swindon Barbell will be the All England Championships August 16th at Northampton.  This will see Helen Tom competing for the first time as an Equipped lifter, Beverley and Jodie chasing their numbers and reaching for more records and Charlie Shotton-Gale – SBB head coach – coming back from injury to test her Raw numbers.

Keep Lifting!

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