GBPF British Senior Powerlifting Championships (equipped) 2014

A few of you have asked about coming to watch this years British championships so I thought i’d write a quick blog with all the details.

It will be held at:

Moulton College, Gate 4 Pitsmore  Lane, Moulton. NN4 7RR

Saturday 12 – Sunday 13th July 2014

I will be competing Saturday 12th from 11am (competition start time, I will be weighing in at the venue from 8.30am on wards).

This weekend will be the chance to see all the elite men and women of GBPF powerlifting strutting their stuff and going for some BIG numbers.

The program will be as follows:

Saturday 12th

All Women   Men up to  74kg   8.30 to 10.00am Start  11.00am

Sunday 13th

 Weigh-in     Men  105kg and above   9.00 to 10.30am Start  11.00am

For more details please go to GBPF Website or check out the Facebook group

See below for a list of all entrants

B/W               NAME S/J DIV Q/T
47kg Sharn Rowlands S&J EM 260
47kg Rebecca Heath S SE 242.5
52kg Susannah Butler U20 SW 292.5
52kg Louise Edwards S YNE 350
52kg Kaylee Poolton J SW 287.5
57kg Lucy Rayner SJ SW 335
57kg Louise Murray S Sc 395
57kg Ellie Steel S&J WM 315
63kg Karenjeet Bains U20 WM 240
63kg Rosimery Lima S W 475
72kg Amanda Gisby S W 317.5
72kg Amy Spencer J W 345
72kg Megan Batchelor S SM 310
72kg Ella Hope S SW 315
72kg Meagan Davies SJ SW 217.5
84kg Charlie Chester SJ SW 277.5
84kg Victoria Embleton S YNE 465
84kg Shasa Bowers S SW 345
84kg Charlie Shotton-Gale S SW 512.5
84+kg Jackie Blasbery S EM 440
53kg Eren Oguz J SE 327.5
59kg Amrik Mehta J SW 467.5
59kg Jordan Lam J GL 387.5
59kg Adrian Bell U20 SE 335
66kg Jack Suljevic SJ SW 490
74kg Steven Tyers S SW 570
74kg William Murray S Sc 592.5
74kg Sunil Chahal S&J WM 730
83kg Owen Hubbard S& J W 777.5
83kg Matt Hague U20 SM 470
83kg Marcus Kay SJ NW 430
83kg Lewis Redwood SJ W 405
83kg Alister Cannings S&J SW 727.5
83kg Farris Collins SJ SW 337
93kg Erik Mata SJ GL 472.5
93kg Robert Love S Sc 810
93kg James Taylor J EM 575
93kg Sion Hughes U20/S W 710
93kg Rob Palmer S GL 900
105kg Thomas Kendal U20 NW 690
105kg Harry Hollis J EM 670
105kg Andrew Spiers J WM 715
105kg John Hamson S NM 900
105kg Jake O’Neill S EM 810
120kg Frazer Pennington SJ NW 467.5
120kg Ranbir Sahota S WM 927.5
120kg Tony Cliffe S EM 820
120kg Dean Bowring S SM 1025

Hope to see you all there!!!

Keep Lifting!

SG Fitness



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