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Using Local business.

As a Swindon based business I can appreciate the meaning of customers using my services over large, national based companies.  I would like to highlight the various aspects of using locally based companies over large chains.

I am sponsored by Mike Mcguires Family Butchers and only purchase meat from them.  This was true even before they became my butchers because I lived a 5 min walk from them and they would open at 6.30 am, so when I would take my dog for a walk I would pop in collect that days meat and carry on with my day.

I noticed how much better the bacon and chicken was from them compared to supermarkets, and asked about their minced beef and sausages – what they use in them and how they make them.  They only use meat, no connective tissue or other unusable parts, and they make the mince beef themselves so they know it is beef that is in there.

Besides that the service you get when you enter the butchers is second to none and you can place orders on the phone for quick collection.  They know how to cut and cook various cuts of meat and can advise you on all aspects of meat preparation and use.  You rarely find that in supermarkets.

I was sponsored for my record breaking event in 2012 by Sugar Rush of Royal Wootton Bassett who’s sweet shop placed right on the highstreet has almost any type of sweet you can imagine.

You may think ‘is that suitable for a Personal Trainer to talk about sweets’, of course it is! Because complete abstinence of things you enjoy in life, in my opinion, is not healthy and is unsustainable.

So I enjoy Sugar Rush’s delights post competitions as a little treat once every 3 or 4 months. If Diddie, owner of Sugar Rush, does not have the treat you are after she will go looking for it – will the big 4 supermarkets do that for you?!

These are small things I know but to me they make the big difference.

I work alongside many Swindon based companies through various networking groups and events such as BNI and Business Village.

These groups give me access to people and/or businesses that I would ordinarily never meet, for example IPT Business Coaching, HR4Business, Orange Stripe Telecommunications,  Bespoke Training Services, Digital Traiding and SGP Consulting.  These business, all can be found on the internet, but how would you be able to choose if they are the right businesses for you.

They are person centered  and you need to trust the company to hire them, but without contact of them how would you trust them?

Networking for business owners, managers or leaders is essential to keeping the local businesses going and giving them a fighting chance.  If you are involved in a business in anyway I suggest you get yourself to a local meeting to expand your contact portfolio and spread your businesses name.

If I had never met these groups of people I would have limited contacts of various sectors, I would have limited marketing scope for my business and I would have to do all my marketing alone.  Instead I have fellow members of BNI (Isambard Chapter) out, as we speak, talking to the people they know about my business and looking for people who may be interested in purchasing my services.

If I have an extra 20 people doing my marketing for me in their day to day life, can you image the extent that my marketing scope has expanded to?

And the beauty of it is that they are coming to a local business, who isn’t interested in ripping them off to keep profits high, costs low and CEO’s having big bonuses, but is interested in how the service purchaser can receive the best possible service that is appropriate to them!

If you have ever thought about networking within or without of your industry/business sector I urge you to.

If you have thought how much you would rather give your hard earned money to someone you know/the shop on the hightstreet rather then a big corporation then stop shipping off to the big brands and start getting to know your local businesses.  You’ll be pleasantly surprised I am sure by the difference in quality and service you receive!

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